One thing I came across, over and over again in my cougar experiences (besides the ‘thing’ you are no doubt thinking of!), was younger men looking for what I call the ‘Mrs. Robinson’ experience. There is a common fantasy amongst younger males, apparently, about being seduced by a mature woman. Needless to say, many of us mature women have fantasies about seducing younger men.

So what, you may ask, is the problem?

Well, the problem occurs when it turns out that the fella just wants the whole thing to be his dirty little secret. And I mean secret. As in, no one must EVER know. Or see them together in any way.

I had men tell me that we had to meet up somewhere where there was absolutely no chance that anyone they knew could ever see the two of us together. We couldn’t even meet for a drink. The suggestion was that we just meet somewhere and then go straight to a hotel room- and afterwards, leave separately of course.

NEWSFLASH guys – if you are embarrassed to be seen with a cougar, then you are not ready to be with one. You want to just shag an older lady to see what it’s like? Well, find a mature prostitute.

If you’re mature enough to handle a real woman and deal with real, adult stuff – THEN give a cougar a call. But don’t expect us to be here just to satisfy those Mrs. Robinson fantasies.

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